Emergency Shelter Locations

In an emergency, tune to local TV, Cox Cable channel 17, or local radio stations WOON 1240 AM or WNRI 1380 AM for shelter locations** and hours of operation.  You can also obtain info from the Northern Rhode Island REACT on citizens band channel 9.

If you know of friend, relative or family member who has special needs during any major emergency you should request a special needs form from NSEMA,  fill it out for them to be listed on our priority check list for help in an emergency.

DO NOT Report To Any Shelter Until Advised By The Local Media

REMEMBER: Not All Shelters Open At The Same Time.

Regular Public Shelters accept anyone who is self sufficient and who needs no outside assistance in performing activities of daily living. They will have nursing personnel and volunteers to assist evacuees from the time of arrival at the shelter.

The Special Medical Needs Shelter (WHO QUALIFIES) provides a safe, temporary place for persons requiring medical assistance during an evacuation from either a man-made or natural disaster rather than inundating local hospitals with a large number of people that a specially equipped and staffed shelter could adequately handle.